What is this site about and why should you listen to my rants?

This is a resurrection and an enhancement of another site I had which was created as a way for me to share with others how companies I dealt with had addressed complaints. I often went on social media and shared these experiences. But there was only so much that could be shared in 140 characters so I created that site so I could go on for pages and just post a short link to my rant there.  By reading what happened, how I reacted and how it was handled, this provided my readers with some information for them to decide whether to avoid these companies altogether or how to handle any issues they had. I had a scoring system and gave each company a final score on how issues were handled. I have brought over all those posts* and plan on adding more as I run into issues dealing with businesses.   

* All old posts are dated Jan 1st, 2000, although I have updated several of them since they were originally published

A summary of the scores can be found on the summary page, all the posts dealing with it can be found in the company complaints category.

As well, I have strong feelings about several varied issues. Instead of continuously repeating myself either in person or on social media, I can now just point people to the appropriate articles here. You may find these opinions informative, insightful and maybe even humorous.

For the most part I will be talking about areas that I have some expertise or interest in. I’m a management consultant who runs my own business, and I love baseball. I will be ranting a lot about stupid things that I see my business associates and clients do, provide career advice based on things I have seen, and dispel myths that people believe about baseball or sports in general that infuriate me when I hear them repeated. I’ll also muse on some miscellaneous topics. There is no filter on this site, and my occasional outbursts will use colorful language. If you’re easily offended, you’ve been warned – please don’t read on.

I aim to inform, educate and entertain.  Enjoy!